Society for Arts & Literature (SALT)

Please allow me to introduce you to the Society for Arts & Literature (SALT), a non-profit initiative founded and helmed by me. The primary intention of which is upholding and preserving all manner of vulnerable heritage, including artistic and literary traditions.

Towards that end, the society and its event partner, Magic Makers, is introducing to Chandigarh a one of its kind children’s festival called the KidFest, with an aim at inculcating and promoting the habit of liesure reading. Replete with book-related personalities and activities, the two-day jamboree promises to be loads of fun and frolic for school-going children.

FriendsOfBooks, the hugely popular online library and bookstore, mark their presence with a book fair of children’s literature, while the Pushpa Gujral Science City will power the innovative science pavilion. Another pavilion offering a multitude of engrossing art activities will be designed, installed and manned by the very talented students of the College of Art, Chandigarh.

A number of personalities from the realm of story-telling, illustrating, creative writing, theatre and music, and much else, will conduct back-to-back activities in the two-day packed schedule. Please lend your support to the cause by passing the word around to all and sundry. Don’t forget to mention it’s free!

Thanks, and see you there.


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