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Adrift – A Junket Junkie In Europe is my debut endeavour at writing something beyond the stipulated 500-1000 worded column. It was first introduced to a select audience of book lovers at the India International Centre, New Delhi. Followed by a launch at Chandigarh in the summer of 2010. It would be prudent to point out at this juncture that it has been well received, if the media coverage, the reviews and readers’ comments are to be readily believed.



My work-in-progress, the documenting of colonial heritage along the Old Hindustan-Tibet Road, is an outcome of my long-standing romance with the Himalayas. This picture marks the end of an arduous trek / road trip of ten days as I mapped the ancient route for my book. This spot also marks the end of the historical trail in India before it descends into Tibet beyond no-man’s land.


Lined up below are the  titles I have variously anchored and co-authored for Lonely Planet, and ones I have authored for Times Group Books.

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