Lonely Planet’s Short Escapes

Way before I hit the road with a vengeance, as a perpetually broke college student, I recollect gazing whimsically at the Lonely Planet Guide on India, envying the list of authors who found mention as contributors to the Traveller’s Bible. Twenty-some years on, I can’t stop grinning as I, yet again, marvel at the list of authors staring back from the freshly printed pages. One familiar face jumps up: mine.

Lonely Planet, an Australia-based travel publisher since 1973, arrived in India a couple of years ago with the sole mission of preempting and addressing the eclectic needs of the Indian traveller. A hard to ignore demographic, you have to agree. Last week, they launched the Short Escapes from Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru (the latter two have been co-authored by me) at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon. Here are some moments:











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