Lodhi Garden: A Winter’s Tale

Unsurprisingly, seven ancient cities and one busy metropolis later, Delhi’s architectural skyline is dominated by forts, palaces, and sundry monuments at varying stages of (dis)repair. Then, there be those breathtaking ruins of historical remains, the tombs. Of which, the 15th century ones within the Lodhi Garden, in my opinion, out-rank by far many others that dot the National Capital.


Nearly a hundred acres of green lung amidst frenetic activity, the garden’s well-maintained verdure, historical footprint­–permanent home to Sikandar Lodhi (pic above) & Mohammad Shah Sayyid (pic below), among others–and beautifully laid walking trails are a classy seduction act. Unsurprisingly, again, it remains the most preferred go-to place for families, office-goers, fitness enthusiasts, lovers, and unabashed heavy-petters.


I caught a few rounds of the place in winter earlier this year. One such visit on a late evening found my camera handy to capture the creatively-lit monuments as I trailed (way, way behind) a more energetic sibling on the joggers path. Subsequent visits, during the day, have found me minus my photography aids. Of course it is entirely possible that I may have also been otherwise occupied; but that’s for me to know and you to guess.


Regardless, this post would be incomplete sans the whole picture. A picture that Mayank Austen Soofi, that true-blue Delhi Walla from Nainital, frames ever-so-perfectly. Take a look here.







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