Kamal’s, Sundar Nagar

Just when you tell yourself it has no more surprises up its eat-street, Delhi directs your smugness towards yet another delish delight. This time, it was  an unpretentious kiosk parked on a sidewalk near the Sundar Nagar Market, that simply called itself Kamal’s.

At first attempt, we arrived at closing time (10.30 pm) and were shooed away; no amount of beseeching, cajoling or threats (hunger does have a way with reason) worked. Even as we sulked and skulked away, we knew we would return to partake another day. A buzzing  full house (car-tops and tables on the pavement), and swiftly emptying vessels stood testimony to the popularity of its pure vegetarian grub.

The next time, we arrived early and found ourselves a vantage parking spot. No sooner, a youngster ran up to take our order, which also arrived after a palatable wait. A plateful of creamy paneer tikkas, specialty of the house, was wolfed down before we attacked a sumptuous tandoori platter. Never, and I repeat, never before have I relished tandoori cauliflower and mushroom tikkas as I greedily did that night, from the cramped insides of a car bursting with hungry people.

The main course was a mushroom-peas sabzi and ‘yellow’ dal accompanied by blistering hot tandoori rotis, alongside a symphony of Munching Moments!  I noticed kadhi was a hot favourite, too, as were all manner of paneer preparations. But if you were to ask me, I’d say their tandoori platter is undoubtedly the piece de resistance. Fresh preparations, excellent flavouring and cooked to perfection. A must-eat-at.



  • Thanks for giving one more good reason to visit Delhi again…btw there is another very popular ‘Kamal restaurant’ in the Safdarjung Enclave-speciality being chicken preparations. …..There were no tables and no chairs…That it was located bang on the cremation ground boundary did not deter its faithful to crowd there…I believe now it has shifted to a ‘shop’ in the nearby small market…Thanks again Puneet and look forward to more such discoveries on your blog….Chat

    • Undoubtedly your cup of tea, Chat. Fresh and hearty Indian fare.
      I believe you are referring to Rajinder da Dhaba in Safdarjang Enclave. Kamal, if memory serves me right, used to be the name of the cinema hall there.
      Dined on some home delivered preparations by RDD recently. Quality has slipped, am afraid. Will have to visit RDD once for final verdict…

  • Yes, Rajinder da Dhaba…..I slipped….look forward to your write up after your visit there…

  • Dear Puneet, I’ve following your blogs quite religiously, Ive seldomly written, though. albeit, in this age of cut throat dearness, had you mentioned the price of the dinner ( for the commoner like me…) by elaborating the detail, it would have been quite fair to lead the decision weather to go or not to… ( subject to commonsurating the prices to the recipes…!!

    Pl. care in the future.
    Sharma U,

    • Hello Sharmaji 🙂
      Thank you for following Cutting Loose so religiously.
      The cost per person during my visit was about Rs.300.
      Hope that helps in your decision-making.

  • I am craving the gobhi now!

  • RDD also has a sitting place upstairs and the tengri kababs are what makes the palce worth visiting every time.

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