Food on the run

After a long (off) road trip in Himachal this summer, I concluded, my taste buds and gourmet choices cannot be parted beyond four days at the most. Friends and my co-offroaders, Mini and Mari concurred wholeheartedly. Retracing a historical trail in Kinnaur we were prepared for slipping and sliding along non-roads, crossing non-bridges and violent nature.  But we were wholly unprepared for the food choices awaiting us on the menu.

Aloo parathas for breakfast, and daal-chawal for the remaining two meals. Revisited every day without fail, on the meal, every meal. Till we entered the Spiti valley and our mood brightened at the thought of Thupka and Momos in Nako. And then… we had these dishes coming out of our ears after we overdosed on them for the next, you guessed it, four days. Finally, deliverance came with Manali. Although there were some eggciting moments en route.

Food On The Road: Himachal Pradesh Click image to view our wonderful food adventure in pictures.

Bon Appetit.

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