When Quiet Flowed The Alaknanda

These images are from last month, from my visit to that region in Garhwal we are now referring to as the very epicentre of  the Uttarkhand tragedy. Mostly light showers, with an intermittent heavy one, trailed us as we wound along the beauteous  Alaknanda and its many confluences. 

A landslide caused a traffic jam and our cab driver  decided to take a detour through the breathtakingly lush and mist-kissed Chamoli countryside. Who would have thought that a couple of days from when these were clicked, the skies would fall apart, cause a glacial lake to break bounds, swell rivers to immeasurable dimensions, and bring in its wake devastation of an unimaginable scale.

For those who didn’t make it back.

IMG_0112 IMG_0123 IMG_0125 IMG_0137 IMG_0130 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0143


  • Though our hearts grieve for those who didn’t make it…we are also thankful for the lucky ones to come back safely ….

  • In memory of those who did not make it,
    i hope we can pledge to have no more such tomorrows.
    For those who have survived the ravages of nature,
    i hope they can be rehabilitated at the earliest.

  • Tirlochan Singh

    Humbles you in front of the might of nature.

  • My deepest regrets for the lives lost and my fondest regards to all the helpful hearts and hands in overcoming this tragedy!

  • Lovely images which evoke so much of sadness in me since I too was there about a month back…

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