Waterfall at Pinahaat

I can never get enough of the dusty ravines of the Chambal Valley. Since my first ever visit to this untouched corner of India over a decade ago, my fascination has not lessened any. Given a chance and time, I return with unfailing regularity to soak in the untamed magnificence of the terrain.

This one time, I had more than just a “soak”; in fact, I had a mighty drench! A car breakdown short of the pontoon bridge at sleepy Pinahaat had meant some amount of waiting for repair or recovery. Tired from the bumpy ride and shrouded in fine dust, I decided to walk down to the river less than a kilometre away to wash up.

As I approached the river front, the distinct splatter of falling water became audible; then visible, as I walked under what I assumed was a bridge. Turns out it was the waterworks and the overspill was creating a massive, very welcoming ‘waterfall’. You know where this is going, don’t you?

I furtively looked around for a blind spot from those crossing the bridge, and found an old structure to be the perfect foil for what I hoped would not be too public an ablution. Laying down my daypack inside the abandoned edifice, I quickly changed into a handy pair of shorts and T, and darted under the water spill.

It was delightful! Once the initial, and very physical, shock of the water beating down on me from an indeterminate height receded, that is. I don’t recollect how long I pranced around under the spill; but it certainly had me experience the awesomeness of simply being. Undoubtedly, Alive Is Awesome!


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