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A recent exchange of New Year greetings turned to travel undertaken in the year elapsed. How it veered towards the lack of relieving areas for ladies escapes me now, but we were soon discussing the perils of an impatient bladder in the vast habitation- and foliage-free landscape of Ladakh. Strangely enough, while a certain travel group appeared to have experienced uncomfortably lengthy periods of self-containment, my friend and I managed to leave a distinct mark pretty much where & when we wanted to.  Once again, it entirely escapes my memory why these sites were considered subjects of photographic interest (there was talk of slippery ice and bumping heads, but I can’t really say with conviction). Here they are, regardless.

Outskirts of Srinagar

En route from Kargil to Leh

In Leh Restaurant

Khardung La

Nubra Valley

Return from Nubra

Pangong Tso


En route from Pang to Sarchu


  • Himachal govt.has taken some good steps to promote tourism.It will not be a bad idea to suggest to create good water efficient loos all across,especially since Himachal is becoming a general masses most frequented state.They can charge say 20 Rs.per visit and earn some revenue for the state.

    • The nature of Ladhakhi (in J&K by the way) landscape and climate disallows permanent structures; for a better part of the year it is snowed in, hence the lack of permanent structures…

  • So which one is your favourite?

    • I would have to go with Pangong Tso, Nirad. For the sheer unexpectedness of its presence, as well as, the sheer beauty visible from its tiny confines 🙂

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