The Starbucks Experience

The Starbucks Experience is a blend of home-brewed ingenuity and people-driven philosophies; the same philosophies that have made Starbucks one of the world’s “most admired” companies, according to Fortune Magazine. Management consultant Joseph Michelli reveals through his book that this admiration is not misplaced. With an exclusive access to personnel and resources, he sets out to discover the company’s inimitable success story.

Starbucks’ roadmap of matchless accomplishments has been charted by its employees, called partners, who create the special experience that brings a customer back repeatedly. This personalised experience, in turn, has played catalyst in stimulating a phenomenal business growth and the generation of huge profits. Starbucks’ generous HR policies and a lively work environment have ensured an energized employee base. Moreover, its attention to detail and a genuine concern for social causes have garnered customer loyalty. The fact that the company’s stock has risen an astounding 5,000 percent since 1992, speaks volumes about its vision.

Unlike many other ‘How To’ books, The Starbucks Experience has been written in a straightforward story-telling style. The book has been divided into five sections named after the core principles, identified by Starbucks leaders, for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. And each chapter ends with a summarised checklist of points to ponder over, enabling readers to retain the more relevant details.

Through his in-depth analysis of the company, Joseph Michelli outlines the key leadership principles that can make a change in work environs. Under each of those categories, he gives helpful hints to improve leadership styles. They are:

  • Make It Your Own
  • Everything Matters
  • Surprise and Delight
  • Embrace Resistance
  • Leave Your Mark

Apart from adding a new dimension to leisure reading, The Starbucks Experience also provides techniques to transform your company into another success story by adapting these ways to your own. The insightful innovations adopted by Starbucks to improve their company, make for a good read for a student of management. It is worth a read also for business leaders looking to replicate a values-driven business model. And, for all those who would like, not just to wake up and smell the coffee, but to wake up and smell success.

Note: This review first appeared in The Tribune.

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