Thank you. Yes, you!

Following the successful debut of a literary offspring , Adrift, in May 2010, I could think of no better way to beat the inevitable post-natal blues but to conceive again. Thus, Cutting Loose, with an incredibly brief gestation period of ten days, was introduced to a chosen few in its undeveloped, under-nourished form in October last year.  It has, since, metamorphosed into a full-bodied entity, found its spotlight, and made its presence felt in cyberspace.

To all of you who are reading this right now, and are impatiently waiting for me to arrive at my point, I would like to say:  thank you! Thank you for dropping by, thank you for browsing, and thank you for writing in. It would have been, and will be, an entirely meaningless exercise without your participation.

On a personal level, it has been a rather eventful ride thus far. I have, in the year gone by, travelled some, eaten much, read a bit and shared a lot. I have lived out at least one dream on my bucket list; attempted to shred at least one myth;  experienced innovative culinary ideas; picked up many a literary gauntlet; reacquainted culturally with a place I call home; and walked down a few memory lanes.

In my mission to provide vicarious pleasures, I have been assisted, in no small measure, by online angels and chronologically younger but (unsurprisingly!) technologically superior minds than mine own. Through their constant inputs, I have striven to continuously improve the look and feel of Cutting Loose. Followers have increased tremendously; never mind the subscriber counter that appears to be stuck. However, if you feel the desire to change that figure, go here. Or don’t.

To those of you who are still reading, I would also like to say this: thank you for your resolute patience! Till next time then; stay healthy, stay happy. Cheers! 🙂


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