Puneet Sidhu’s valuable advice, coming from her knowledge of her home state of Punjab, her passion for travel, and her generally wide-ranging interests, were of great help while stitching together unusual travel itineraries for my tour company India Offtrack. I look forward to a continuing association with her – Nirad Grover

Puneet was very helpful in making my trip memorable and enjoyable. She was also able to recommend sights which probably don’t even appear in many guidebooks.  I think that is a real advantage, as even good guidebooks still focus on the major sights. Her local knowledge and her own travel experience were invaluable in helping her craft a trip that met my interests and my schedule – Andrew Wilson

While my husband and I love to travel, we don’t enjoy planning our trips. In fact our dreams of weekend getaways often get nipped in the bud because neither of us has the time during the week to plan, book and mull over itineraries. And then, we asked Cutting Loose to pitch in. Over a brief conversation we explained that we had 5 days, no desire to do touristy stuff and wanted to be in pristine mountains. With something as vague as that, CL was able to draw up an itinerary through lesser known parts of Himachal Pradesh (way within our budget), helped with the bookings, hooked us up with local contacts and gave us a rough list of things to do and places to eat at. And we were off to one of the most memorable (and least painful planning-wise) vacations! Thank you CL!!! – Arti

I met Puneet Sidhu for an interview about her book “Adrift: A junket junkie in Europe”. She not only had great anecdotes for me about her adventurous trip through my home continent Europe, but she also had a tempting offer: an adventure on the Old Hindustan Tibet Road on her continent. As a journalist I love spontaneity, so I went with her and was highly impressed: by her thought-through organisation of the trip, the interesting places she chose to visit, her open way of approaching people, her loud and warm laughter and her passion for food. She brought us to exceptional places. I never imagined finding French croissants and Italian coffee at 4000 metres! Puneet Sidhu showed me a very special side of India, so there’s definitely nothing better than travelling with a junket junkie. – Marianne Lang

Puneet is an excellent connoisseur of all foods in India and where to go to enjoy them. When exploring lodging options she had a knack for finding hidden gems in the Golden Triangle.We were wandering through Delhi, she suggested a restaurant in haus khaz village and when we got lost, several times, she guided us over the phone; she always seemed to be just a phone call away.Our budget, which was tight for us, was completely workable for her; she made our money go a long way.We are so glad we hired Puneet–having her organize our itinerary and travel with us for part of the trip made our time in India unforgettable. – Erika Martinez & Aimee Bruederle




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