Songkran Soak Fest

This is the last post for the 30-day Alive Is Awesome campaign I was invited to participate in; to share the incredible bathing adventures I experienced while on the road.  I had no idea that a cleansing routine could make such good copy. Till the new-look Cinthol came along, that is!

Re-living them has been as invigorating as the time they were first ‘lived’. Ranging from the unexpected, the deliberate, quirky, and fun, to the wishful, nostalgic and borrowed; they had Alive Is Awesome written all over them. I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have relished re-visiting them.







Though there be plenty more where those anecdotes came from; this last one is about Songkran, the water festival of Thailand. The festival, held in April, marks the advent of the New Year, and is all about cleaning, purification, and fresh starts; it signifies the washing away of bad thoughts and actions, and said to bring good luck in the ensuing year.








For me, however, splashing complete strangers with bucket-loads of water, and being doused in turn (often by masked bearers of water-cannons), was primarily the main allure! As part of a thronging party on the streets of Bangkok, good-naturedly chucking icy (yeah, I threw in the cubes to add the bite) water at all and sundry, I count that watery soiree as one of the most Alive Is Awesome experiences in my travels.

I sign out of this campaign with three cheers for all you folks out there. Stay Clean. Stay Alive. Stay Awesome. Mostly, Stay Alive!

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