Society for Arts & Literature (SALT) is a non government organisation that aims to uphold and preserve vulnerable heritage and artistic & literary traditions. The Society was established in 2011 and its core team consists of a dynamic, motley group of creative women – writers, academicians, finance, marketing & service industry professionals, culinary experts as well as art, theatre and culture enthusiasts.

As a sincere effort towards fulfilling its objective, SALT encourages social reformation of the contemporary urban landscape via arts and literature. It wishes to endorse edification, comparative study and exploration of unrecorded traditions, art, music, craft, painting, literature, and the performing arts such as theatre, environmental issues, tangible heritage, architecture and archaeology.

SALT aims to provide a platform to whet a deeper understanding of such customs by facilitating publication of newsletters, research papers, books, an in-house journal and audio-visual/film/digital recordings for the dissemination of the research and findings. And intends to collaborate with national as well as international organisations with similar focus and intents. It also aspires to establish and maintain libraries, archives, museums, exhibitions and information services as a means for promotion and advancement of its goals.



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