Malgudi Cafe @ Green Hotel, Mysore

A communication with a friend currently in Karnataka brought back memories of my own trip to Mysore last summer. Among many wow moments, ones stands tall; an exploratory visit to the Green Hotel aka Chittaranajan Palace. Erstwhile home of the princesses of the Wodeyar family, this quaint old mansion has been restored by a UK charity as a model of sustainable tourism.

The main building is two-storeyed and houses the heritage wing replete with drawing rooms, stained glass windows, wooden staircases and verandahs.

As viewed from the huge front lawn flanked by pergolas, extremely popular with visitors for that al fresco dining feel.

One of the drawing rooms on the upper level entraps a ray of the setting sun…

 A new wing has been added recently to the heritage property and offers a comfortable stay at affordable rates.

The high point of that visit remains the whimsically named Malgudi Cafe, a refreshing space partly open to sky, that serves the most amazing cakes and quiches with local coffee.

The lemon drizzle cake: finger-lickin’ good!

If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, your elevenses just got better!



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