Global Fusion, Mumbai

Having anointed Delhi my invincible Mecca for food, I almost felt like I was cheating on a loved one while delighting in the gourmet experiences in Bombay. In my defense, I was only looking for what land-locked Delhi could not offer me. Fresh seafood. And so I found myself turning to Global Fusion @ Linking Road, that foodie haven for all things that live and move under the sea. Actually, for all things that once lived and moved under the sea.

The restaurant’s motto appears simple enough: if it swims, it will be steamed, grilled, tossed, toasted, baked, braised, fried, sauteed, rolled, dressed, undressed, de-gilled, de-boned, de-finned, (sometimes) de-clawed, wrapped and served!A large counter laden with bite-sized dumplings, sushi, sashami, prawns, salads, soups, sticky rice and noodles snakes along two sides of the largish hall replete with Japanese ponds and bridges. (Makes me wonder why it’s even called Global, the feel is so totally Oriental?).

Anyhow, let’s just concern ourselves with the food… The starters are over a whopping hundred. And with an eat-all-you-can mantra at a very affordable price, it is also a den of iniquity for greedy taste-buds.  Scores and scores of snacks later, bursting at the seams – gills, whatever – I still managed to groan my way to the dozen or so items in the main course. The only one that caught my fancy was peppery crabs. Shlurrrp.

Verdict: worth every moment of discomfort that denim waistbands inflict on bloated middles!

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