Eye Candy

Chanced across these signs, slogans and legends while trotting around Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand earlier this year. Regrettably, missed capturing the one outside a shop in Kullu, that would have pipped these to the post. It proudly proclaimed in bold letters: ARMY EX-MAN. No, seriously.




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  • This is too good Puneet ! Whats that written in Punjabi on the last one ???

    • Says so-and-so were there on their fifth yatra, from so-and-so village. You’ll see these legends scrawled all along the route. But we know at least one pilgrim was doing all to ensure positive results at Punjab University’s student elections! Evident from that orange PUSU sticker πŸ˜€

  • Hi Puneet,

    I absolutely love eye candy.
    However I must now be seen to say that there are many who have a differing opinion as to what constitutes ‘eye candy’. Sure the mangled English is nearly always ‘entertaining’ and brings a smile to the faces of the likes of you and me.

    In my opinion, a smile alone is not an indicator of ‘eye candy’ it is merely the potential to entertain those whose language skills are superior to the producers of that light entertainment.

    For me, real ‘eye candy’ is a visual stimulation that warms the heart and makes me develop that spring in my step and tighten my already trim waist line, straighten my back and hold my head up is the sight of a very attractive young lady with excellent carriage and deportment who turns heads as she struts along the street with a sea of heads turning to track her passage along the promenade.

    Add a little bit of ‘sexy’ and ‘class’ and THAT Puneet IS Eye Candy!

    If in doubt ask any man who respectfully admires a beautiful lady who matches my definition.
    The results will be overwhelming.

    Yes, the above was ‘tongue in cheek’ with a sparkle in my eye and the intention to tease a little.
    (Ok I concede, to tease a lot)

    Have fun

    • Gotcha!

      For me, it constitutes that sight that makes me stop, smile, photograph. Not because it is spelled indifferently (as not all of them are) but for the inadvertent humour or thought they invoke.

  • This is hilarious. The kids and I enjoyed reading through these. Great captures by you!

    By the way, one cannot deny the phonetic advantages of enterprising spells like ‘stachu’ and ‘omlate’ πŸ™‚

  • Too Funny Babe !!! Some of the signs are killers —love the Cocking Class !!!! Aaaarggggh !!! LMAO

  • Absolutely loved these babe!

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