Electoral Punjab

It is a crying shame that the one year I am offered a chance to be more than just an indifferent urban voter, or a curious onlooker at best, the Election Commission decides to step in. Divested of its customary adrenalin pulsating temper (high-energy buzz, high-decibel rallies, high-spirited meetings and high-horsepower cavalcades), thanks to the strictly enforced code of conduct on expenses, the elections were a rather tame affair for those looking in. A Herculean task for contestants, nevertheless!

As part of a ladies’ posse called upon by a friend to assist with door-to-door canvassing in possibly one of the most backward constituencies of Punjab, I witnessed the planning, organizing, strategizing and marketing that goes into wooing an electorate well-aware of the power of its vote.  The celebrated warmth, hospitality and bonhomie of village folk, mentioned in a previous post, dissipates tremendously, in the face of traditional loyalties, political leanings and factional hostilities. A tiring albeit enriching experience, I captured some scenes whenever able.


























  • Love the Raj Nahin Sewa loo door in Akali colours! Can’t quite make out what the rest of it reads but am sure it is very profound.

    • Went past many similar albeit self-financed ones declaiming ‘Sewa Nahin Raaj’. Pity the camera wasn’t handy 🙁
      The profound translation:”This loo has been built by the Punjab Government to safeguard the health and dignity of this family”. Although, the lack of flowing water in most can cause severe asphyxiation over time!

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