Destination Chhattisgarh

sirpur-420x420The pocket guide on Sirpur, one in a set of five books on Chhattisgarh, is a milestone of sorts. It’s my first solo-author book for Lonely Planet India and I couldn’t be more chuffed. Which is not to say that the others were any less special, not least for my crazy-talented co-authors, but going forward, Pocket Sirpur will nearly always stand apart.

That it garnered oodles of attention is a consequence of a high-profile launch of all the titles at the inaugural day of the recently concluded Sirpur National Dance and Music Festival. The enviable line-up included the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, Minister of Tourism Ajay Chandrakar, Member of Parliament Mahasamund Chandu Lal Sahu, Ambassador of Laos Southam Sakonhninhom, the Vietnamese Deputy Chief of Mission, and Managing Director Chhattisgarh Tourism Board Santosh Misra. They were joined by Lonely Planet’s CEO Global Daniel Houghton, and CEO India Sesh Seshadri.


Note: Chhattisgarh is the theme state of the Surajkund Mela this year. Swing by for an up-close and personal look at its ‘crafty’ treasures between 1st and 15th February.


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