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Review: Amaltas Avenue By Manju Jaidka

Amaltas_AvenueAmaltas Avenue, Manju Jaidka’s third novel, is set against a backdrop of campus happenings over a period of three days during a sultry Chandigarh summer. The book focuses on a number of characters who share a common milieu, including the eponymous residential neighbourhood, even as they drift through seemingly ordinary lives, playing out mundane everyday roles at an individual level. It is not to be confused with other breezy campus writings as Amaltas Avenue in fact brings to attention more complex issues through its protagonists–often antagonists–when they are confronted by unexpected turmoil in their personal and professional arenas.

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Experience Punjab On The Road


Punjab, long reviled for dusty flatlands and merciless summers, quite marvelously lends itself to splendid driving holidays. Not despite but because of said plains. A well-tended network of national and state highways carves through (mostly) eye-catching landscape and you are never far from this agrarian land’s defining truisms: luxuriant acreage, mustard fields, rows of eucalyptus and poplars, chugging tube-wells, waddling cattle, tractors belting Punjabi pop, haughty mutiaars and strapping ghabroos.

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Best Escapes North India

Remember the two babies I introduced in an earlier post? Well the twin has arrived too – in the guise of Best Escapes North India. Conceptualised differently from previous guides in Lonely Planet Escapes series, this one includes suggested itineraries within the states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. A power-packed, all-weather, every-season storehouse of authentic information and fun facts. Time to scramble for your copy. Read more

Best Escapes Hills

Presenting to you Best Escapes Hills, one of two babies lovingly laboured over most of last year – nine months actually, for the sake of exactitude and irony. A debut cleverly co-incided with the beginning of that time of the year when an escape to the hills is not just the only but your best option. Grab a copy and take your pick from over eighty splendid destinations across India. Summer has never been this inviting for soon – very soon – will arrive its equally worthy twin. Watch out.


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The Alluring North By Hugh & Colleen Gantzer

The Alluring North, one of four books that make up the ‘Intriguing India’ series, is not a travelogue, nor a guide-book, nor even a retelling of ancient folklore. It is a little bit of all three. It is, in deed, the vivid journey of India’s ancient history, culture and customs, brought to life through two well-informed people who have travelled, questioned, and analysed.

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Scandal Point by Manju Jaidka

Manju Jaidka’s novel Scandal Point is set in a colonial India approaching the twentieth century. A handsome young ruler of an Indian princely state angers the British rulers by falling in love and eloping with the Viceroy’s daughter. It is not an ordinary romance, as the elopement has far-reaching consequences.

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