All you have to do is Ask!

Earlier this year, I added another item to the Cutting Loose menu; calling it Ask Cutting Loose. A growing number of visitors have increasingly ‘checked it out’ since. Gingerly at first, their attempts have gradually become more confident as they discovered the experience to be somewhat palatable, to their liking even. Some wrote in to share their gratitude.

I understand that there are good people out there willing to entrust me with the management of  their travel time and to have me direct them off the beaten track. I tell them exactly what to do, and they listen. What’s more, they gladly cough up good money for a friendly piece of my mind.

And so,  for a better part of the year I have been instructing a whole lot people to get set and go:

And many more…

It’s quite simple, really, to be at the receiving end. All you have to do is Ask!



  • Hey Puneet
    Got your book through Blog Adda review prg and just finished reviewing it at my blog. As a fellow Travel addict I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I am always looking forward to reading interesting things about travel and I think I am going to be a regular on your blog from now on!

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