Alive Is Awesome!

Nothing says it better than this absolutely delightful alive-is-awesome expression on fellow-wanderer Anjaly Thomas’ face! On a visit to Jinja, Uganda, she found herself on an island in the midst of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest water body, and also the source of the River White Nile. A self-confessed water-baby, she couldn’t imagine being at the very origin of the world’s longest river and not become part of it. See water, must jump in, is all the encouragement she needed to plunge in!

That she is completely lost in this moment of bliss is evident from the child-like glee in her expression. And that a chore performed with unfailing regularity, once maybe twice a day, can take on the guise of a near-spiritual experience is also evident from the picture above.

In her own words, “How do you become one with the greatness? Well you bodily involve yourself with it, that’s how- nature to nature!! It was blissful, to say the least. It was like paying my respect to something beyond comprehension – it made me happy to think that a dip at the source and the endless river would carry a part of me through miles. But that is just being a little philosophical. I love water! There was something magical about the place. It felt pure, it felt as though by bathing at the source you are imbibing goodness and letting go of mental blocks. That’s why in the picture you see so much joy – the joy of freedom. The ability to become a part of the wonder.”

And if these wise words don’t define Cinthol’s alive is awesome philosophy, what does…?


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