Wish List Series

The Wish List Series on Cutting Loose is being introduced as a direct consequence of the wistful adage: So many places, so little time. It would be a life ambition to scratch out, one by one, all them desires on the bucket list, but with only so many possibilities in the one life-time, this is my way of getting ahead.

Ergo, Cutting Loose would like to invite you to share your most memorable encounters from around the world. Feel free to write in with articles, pictures and videos of the wonderful experiences you have had, and I will arbitrarily (what did you think?) pick and choose those that match my wish list: of destinations not yet visited, foods not yet consumed and events not yet experienced. Yeah, there’s that teenie-weenie rider in there.

Submission guidelines (let’s keep them simple, shall we?) as under:

  1. Word count up to 300 for every article
  2. Captioned low-resolution images, watermarked with contributor’s name/logo
  3. Ready-to-use videos of a duration up to five minutes

Please note:

  • All material will be vetted and edited before publishing, if necessary
  • Credit will be given to contributor for unique content with a link back to blog/website, if any
  • No payments will be made or received for any material published under the Wish List Series
  • Abusive, controversial and pornographic material will be reported, not entertained

Look forward to hearing from you all. Take it away, folks!





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