Times Food Guide

Authoring the 2015 Times Food Guide for Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali counts as yet another first. Challenging, but still. It is no secret that the Tricity is not topping charts as a gourmand’s destination, unlike say a Delhi or an Amritsar, but it did throw up some little-known gems that I hope will stay the course.


That the culinary landscape is slowly but surely evolving was another welcome insight. Evinced from the wide-ranging categories that won the coveted Times Food Awards at the glitzy event on 7th March at The Lalit, Chandigarh. It was also at this event that the guide was launched by Ms Gugni Gill Panaich, Canada-based politician, before a host of other celebs gave away the food awards.


Do find your way to a copy for some of my favourite haunts in Chandigarh. While there, please feel free to provide feedback. You could even write in (puneet@cuttingloose.in) with those that may have been overlooked or deserved to be listed (or otherwise) with good reason and we’ll certainly consider them for ensuing editions.

Meanwhile, bon appetit!




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