Jogini Falls

Earlier this year, on a brief visit to Manali, I took out a day to trudge up to the Jogini Falls with a group of guests at the Himalayan. I say trudge, because  to call it a trek would do the real McCoy a huge disservice.  It can take anything between 45 minutes to an hour to walk through Vashishth village, and up through a wooded (mostly) path to get to the falls. Able-bodied sorts can make it in less  without breaking a sweat.

An ancient (is there ever any other kind?) temple greets you halfway; its green front curiously dotted by hollowed stones. Legend goes, they’re bowls out of which the Joginis eat offerings made by devotees. Be that as may, it is a recommended jaunt for those looking to stretch them muscles a tad. Walk along…

 Vulnerable architectural heritage, Vashishth

Looking back at Manali  

Posers all

Beaten Path…

For the very fastidious!

Alpine woods 

Midway Cafe

 The falls, as seen from the Shiva Temple

Crockery cast in stone

 We have arrived…

 …and we have posed. Our work here is done.

Nature’s infinity pool


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