Christ Church, Kasauli

Funny how you can visit the same place over and over again without really seeing it, if you know what I mean. It took a recent dash with first time visitors to reveal to me the colonial quaintness that sets Kasauli apart from other hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.Thanks largely to the Indian Army that continues to oversee the administration of this former British cantonment.

The well-hidden old homes that dot its cedar-rich hillsides still maintain their shrub-shrouded and creeper-lined demeanour. Kasauli’s high street of three stores has not added a single new establishment while the ‘bazaar’ still offers no more than the customary bun-tikkis, woollens and wooden souvenirs. I did however notice a wannabe cafe with the immensely distracting  cover of The Immortals of Meluha. No wonder the name escapes me completely!

However, it is the 19th century Christ Church, located on an oak-engulfed spur overlooking the bus stand, that remains Kasauli’s most striking link to its Anglican past. Built in the Gothic style, the stone structure, I’m told, retains much of its original self in the pews, rafters and stained glass. Commemorative plaques in honour of deceased relatives take up the wall space between high windows while lighted candles accord a warm welcoming glow as you walk around. Here are some images I shot…


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